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This is my very, very late meme, which was created by Pixargirl.

(Seriously. I cannot begin to tell you all how long this was just sitting on my computer before I remembered to actually upload it. Anyway!)

This meme is for my favorite canon Sues. For those not familiar with the term, Sues (or Mary Sues, as the full name is) are characters who are too unrealistic in how perfect or nice or powerful etc. they are. Any flaws they have tend to either not ACTUALLY serve as flaws (for example, a character is "too beautiful") or are entirely accidental. Despite the name, they can come in male flavors (usually caled Gary Stus or Marty Stus). Really, it's very difficult to pin down EXACTLY what makes a Sue a Sue. For me, there are a number of red flags which, coupled with poor writing, makes the character... off. I don't now. Some Sues are so far into Mary Sue territory that there's no question about it (example: Bella Swan). Some, like the ones I list for this meme, are borderline.

And yes, Sues exist in both fanfiction and published works.

So, my list!

1: Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket) - Our heroines, who is sweet, selfless to a fault, and singlehandedly provides emotional support and healing to nearly everyone in the cast. Almost everyone loves her and the ones who don't are jerkasses. And yet she's so welcoming and friendly and earnest that I just can't help loving her! Plus, most of the cast of the series have such shitty lives, it's very nice to watch SOMEONE step in and help. (Note that I'm mainly talking about anime!Tohru here. Manga!Tohru is not what I'd consider a Sue, seeing as the later parts of the manga actually deconstruct her selfless behavior and show drawbacks to it.)

2: Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter) - Younger sister of Harry's best friend and Harry's future girlfriend/wife. Ginny spends the first few books being shy, especially around Harry, before suddenly becoming hot, popular with all the boys, and an incredibly powerful witch. The fact that Harry doesn't really pay much attention to her beyond her being his best friend's little sister up until Book 6 means we don't get much insight into her as a person, so all we really know about her is "hot, popular and skilled". At the same time though, I can't help but admire her for growing up to be someone who takes no crap. Like the rest of her family, Ginny does what she thinks is right. And nobody - not her brothers and not her boyfriend - are going to push her around. Plus, after Twilight, it's so refreshing to read about a girl who not only understands when her boyfriend has to break up with her for her safety, but doesn't roll over to die from a damned hole in her chest.

3: Yuri Ishtar (Anatolia Story) - A schoolgirl-turned-time traveler who, after being kidnapped from modern-day Japan into the Hitte Empire at the end of the Bronze Age, must pose as a prince's concubine, navigate political intrigue, and become a war hero to avoid being a human sacrifice. As one does. Throughout the manga, Yuri is a plucky heroine who is able to kick ass when called upon and can use her 20th century knowledge to wow everyone and is eventually beloved by everyone who knows her and is considered the physical manifestation of the goddammed goddess Ishtar. That being said, Yuri does come up with legitimately clever plans, and I always have to admire a leading lady who is so determined to do right and never gives up. While she ends up the subject of ridiculously high adoration, I can totally understand why the people love her so much.

4: Pamela (Tarot Cafe) - The immortal fortune teller with a tragic past. Pamela is immensely magical, powerful, and gorgeous. So much so that most of her backstory is just guy after guy trying to take advantage of her somehow. We get the mysterious demon guy who wants her when she's a kid, the dragon who raises her and falls in love with her, the creepy priest who uh... REALLY wants her when she grows up, a character who pops in for a few chapters and doesn't really affect the plot by falling in love with her... yeah. It goes on. I do love watching her fortune telling though, and I love Pamela's overall demeanor. No matter how many bizarre and horrifying things happen to her, she tries to keep a mature demeanor going.

5: Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - PLEASE DON'T KILL ME, LET ME EXPLAIN! Whatever you think of Belle, it's true that she really doesn't have many flaws. She's kind, she's loyal, she's loving, she's brave, she's able to love a Beast, and so on. And it's a sign of how well she's written that she's still so interesting to watch! Like Doug Walker noted in his Disneycember review of Beauty and the Beast, Belle is really a role model. And unlike many Sues who are written as all-loving, she NEVER is smug, obnoxious, or so perfectly good that it's irritating. Also unlike many Sues written as being incredibly good (*cough*BellaSwan*cough*), Belle truly is a good and caring person. She doesn't only care about people when it benefits her, her goodness isn't an informed attribute, and she's not only caring towards people who kiss up to her. While she understandably distances herself from people like Gaston, she does her best to be diplomatic and polite and, as we see with the Beast, she can accept his change in behavior and fall in love with him despite his appearance.

6: Ashley (El Goonish Shive) - One of the newer members of the cast, Ashley and Elliot start dating after she warns him that her manipulative ex is zeroing in on Elliot's friend/online review costar, Susan. In a webcomic full of quirky, zany characters, Ashley comes across as rather one-note. She's Nice, and that's about it. She immediately accepts that Elliot can transform, she doesn't push for answers if people aren't comfortable giving them, she tries to help Elliot when a griffon fights him at a mall (don't ask, that's normal for the webcomic), and she's incredibly shy and undemanding. There's a running gag where one character thinks she's so nice that it's suspicious, but Dan Shive has confirmed that Ashley really is just that nice. That aside though, I can't help but love Ashley's interactions with Elliot. She also gets some genuinely funny and cute facial expressions and I have to admit, her plan to help with the griffon was genuinely a good one for someone having to think fast. And while her rant about labels in regards to her sexuality, ethnicity, and hobbies was a bit heavy-handed, it also was an anvil that very much needed dropping.

7: Professor Layton (the Professor Layton video game series) - Our puzzle-loving gentleman professor, Layton solves improbable mystery after improbable mystery with little but his wits, his puzzles, his underage assistant, and his sweet top hat. Layton is gentlemanly to a fault, a master fencer, incredibly sharp-witted, and never wrong when it comes to deducing the game's mystery (granted, how good he is at the puzzle-solving itself depends on how good the player is). Unlike many Stus though, Layton lacks any smugness or sense of superiority. He's unfailingly polite to the point of it being comical or badass, depending on the situation. And the zany world the games are set in offsets Layton's perfection, so I never found him irritating to follow. And really, who can't love such confident finger-pointing?

8: Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Kamen (Sailor Moon) - I'm more familiar with the manga version of this guy to be honest, but in both versions he's a handsome guy who moonlights in a romance novel fetishists dream outfit and gives Sailor Moon moral boosts when she's just starting out. When he and Usagi hook up, he basically is the ideal boyfriend - kind, caring, generally attentive (anime-only second season idiot plot aside), and doing his best to help out from the sidelines. Unfortunately as the girls get more and more badass, that leaves him with not much to do BUT be the caring, attentive boyfriend. There's not much you can do against eldritch abominations when you've got roses, a cane, and a bomb attack. Still, his interaction with Usagi are so frigging SWEET! His serious demeanor also contrasts hilariously and perfectly with that of the ditzy Usagi and he is a genuinely nice guy who tries to help out where he can. Unlike a good many Stu boyfriends (*cough*EdwardCullen*cough*) he's never cruel or manipulative or abusive towards Usagi and I can completely buy their love for each other.

9: Link (Legend of Zelda video game series) - Our green-clad silent protagonist who is the go-to guy for kingdom-saving. I may be cheating a bit here, since Link's really not much more than an avatar for the player to use in the games, but this is my meme fill so nyah. As of the later games, Link is a handsome guy, silent and stoic, who gets a ton of girls falling over him. Oh, and he's also personally blessed by the goddesses and gets magical weapons of immense power and is the chosen champion of the local hot princess. Who he more often than not has a ton of ship tease with. In this case, I think it's the gameplay mechanics that separate Link from more irritating Stus in positions like his. The player is forced to work for the magical items and it's not like the games give the option of stringing along all the women for a harem (at least, not that I know of. Granted I've yet to play Breath of the Wild...) And Link's stoic seriousness does get played for good comedy value in several cut scenes, most notably when he has to escape several Gorons that want to give him a hug. Sensible of him, really.

10: Wesley (The Princess Bride) - Once a farmboy, now a swashbuckling hero. He's learned, he's a master with the sword, he's immune to the world's deadliest poison, he can climb the Cliffs of Insanity with no rope, he's merciful to enemies who deserve it, and he has True Love with his beloved Buttercup. He is, by all accounts, Perfect. But considering the sort of story the Princess Bride is, that really works! It's both a parody and a homage to classic fairy tales, so it makes sense that Wesley would be written in the same style as the traditional fairy tale hero. That he's played by the masterful Carey Ewles only makes him that much more enjoyable to watch.

(Some of you may be wondering why I'm not also including Buttercup. It's not that I don't enjoy her, it's that I don't think of her as a Sue. She does have intentional flaws and grows a bit as a character, albeit moreso in the book than the movie.)

So, that's my fill! Questions? Comments? Let me know what you thinks! :D

(And I do apologize if any of that doesn't make sense. I wrote it up while a bit sleep-deprived, so let me know if anything needs clarified.)


Iris Eastfield
United States
I recently joined deviantART. I'm not a great drawer, by any means, but I love to create pictures via dollmakers, especially pictures of characters I have invented.

I'm working to become a published novelist, hence all of the characters. I like to give a little background on the characters in the descriptions, so you can tell where they fit in on things. I do not, however, have any plans to publish written works here.

Hope everyone enjoys what I upload! :D

Current Residence: Pittsburgh
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I have read the sporkings on Barbara Walker's book "Amazon" and I just want to say that I'm trying to create a matriarchal "closer-to-nature" fantasy species without making them sues.

They look like this: Fantasy species
The reason most of their cultures are stuck at stone-age level is that they are carnivores and have less reason to settle down and grow crops.
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What do you think would happen if Walker wrote a retelling of Hansel and Gretel in her Feminist fairy tales?
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Am I the only one who thinks that it's backwards to call underage characters in works being sporked (I don't care how mary-sue they are) sluts when it's the presumably adult suethor sexualizing them? Examples are Ariana Black.
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I'm afraid I really don't have much by way of opinions on Avatar and its fanworks. I saw the movie only once, years ago, and I'm really more or less indifferent to it by this point.

I'm honestly not sure what Gehayi thinks of it either, so I can't say. My apologies.
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Would the Flashman…
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The point of the whole series is that the main character is a total bastard who is a sexist and racist but who still gets succesful in life.
ZeldaQueen64 Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
I'm not familiar with the series, but it sounds like they would not. If a work is deliberately bad, there's not much point in sporking it. The only reason I could think to do so is if it fails at being satirical or a parody, but only someone who read the series could determine that.
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